Malica is an interior design studio delivering creative, focused interior, furnishing and product design solutions for the modern home, office and storefront.

From spatial design and planning, to procurement and installation, we provide comprehensive yet specialised design and project management services to the residential, commercial and hospitality industries. Where a tailored solution is required, we offer custom design of once-off editions or built-in pieces. Inspired by travel experiences, urbanism and architectural appreciation, we translate your tastes and ideas into a considered solution.


Aimee Henning


Led by a passion for all things beautiful, Aimee pursued her interest in interior design after the successful completion of her honours degree in finance. After all, the problem-solving aspect of design is not dissimilar to the demands of equations.

Malica's philosophy is grounded in the belief that well-designed spaces influence the way we live and work and that, through good design, we align ourselves to the way of life that is being suggested. Aimee extends this thinking to a larger urban scale, believing that design can assist in restoring positive equilibrium within society itself.