Contract & bespoke
Contract & Bespoke

Malica works closely with brands, architects, and private clients alike to create unique interior and product solutions. With a keen understanding of processes and materials, we are able to draw on the talents and expertise of local craftspeople, who align with our vision and commitment to quality.

Contract & bespoke
Space Planning

Malica assists in the definition and design of interior spatial areas and circulation patterns. We develop plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement that best facilitates the envisioned use of the space. Our designs take into account your project goals and priorities, organisational structure, the constraints of fixed building elements, and the need for flexibility in terms of your future needs.

Contract & bespoke
Project Management

Malica provides full project management support by assisting with process planning, structuring of project timelines, management of contractors and subcontractors, as well as thorough snagging, to ensure you receive the best final product.